Ciao! 😃

I'm Jose, a Programmer and Game Developer from Italy.

I'm the co-founder of the web agency Wabisabi, where I'm working since its inception in 2009, and of the newborn indie game development team Oscar Wings, which started out with the HTML5 action game Destroyetor.

Programming is my biggest love, since the age of 12. I learned by myself from days and nights spent on books, the internet and of course practicing. I started out moved by a passion for games, which I soon learned to develop, then moved on to the web and mobile worlds. I'm comfortable both in a backend and front-end environment. In more than 15 years of serious programming and studying, I came to understand a lot about how hardware and software works, which makes me feel comfortable in any position of the development stack.

I like to write code which writes code, so I made several declarative code generators, template engines and build systems, which I use daily.

The technologies I'm most comfortable with include Perl, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS. However, I'm constantly reading about and trying out new programming languages and development methodologies. I'm currently diving into functional programming with Elixir, for example.

I focus on creating great user experiences, rock-solid software, efficient and maintainable code. I'm a keen follower of best practices, design patterns, agile methodologies and everything else that helps the development process. I read and study various blogs and books on a daily basis.

Finally, I love to get in touch and collaborate with people from all over the world who share the same interests as me! 🍻

For more informations about me, you can take a look at my Stack Overflow and LinkedIn profiles. I also share some thoughts on Twitter sometimes.




Software architecture, development and programming.

User Experience, best practices and design patterns.



Mobile Apps
Web Applications
Back-end Applications

Using a multitude of languages and frameworks.



Responsive websites, using the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript features.

Focus on modularity, usability and cross-browser compatibility.



Software porting from and to different operating systems.



Code conversion between different programming languages.



I'm open to any kind of collaboration, if you have an interesting project!

Get in touch! 😃